Years ago Justine (then was a colleague, now one of my besties) came to my desk at work (I worked as a buyer in retail) and asked if I could make her a satin pillow slip … I thought she was nuts but since that’s what I loved most about her I happily made her one ... then two ... then her sister wanted, then some of her friends ... soon I was making so many I thought “hey I could make a business out of this” ... so I did !

At the time my mother was dying of cancer and it made me rethink my life’s purpose and made me think about when my time came to pass thru the pearly gates what good had I done in my life to deserve my wings up in heaven, so Dear Deer became a little weekend project and an awesome way for me to raise funds for all the charities I hold very close to my heart, and also a nice way to honour my Mum, so for many years the only profits I took I donated to charity.
And even though my Mum lost her brave fight to mouth cancer, every day when I wake up and pour my heart into my little business in a silly way it makes me feel close to her, I feel I am keeping her spirit alive. And every success Dear Deer achieves I know she is looking down on me smiling (gosh I am crying as I write this *sob).
So what started out as a labour of love has now become my full time focus. I am beyond grateful to all those who support my business and brand, my heart wants to explode every time a happy customers tells me how much the love my products :) It makes all the hard work so worth it !
Adopting the motto "LOOK GOOD - FEEL GOOD” …
while my customers are enjoying their
“Sweet Dear Deer Dreams”
they can also rest up knowing they are supporting a brand that supports those helping make this world a better place.