Why Sleep On Satin

Why Sleep On Satin

Being a polyester material, satin doesn’t absorb moisture the way natural fibres like cotton do. As we all know, one of the many reasons our skin can look tired, dry and lined is due to lack of hydration. Sleeping on satin minimises facial lines, wrinkles and puffiness.

Another plus? Satin won’t absorb your expensive night creams.

Sleeping on satin not only has great beauty benefits, but satin is also hypoallergneic and come recommended by plastic surgeons after cosmetic surgery. Doctors also suggest sleeping on satin for cancer patients during chemotherapy and radiotherapy, due to their skin becoming very sensitive.

Dear Deer pillow slips help your hair maintain it’s natural moisture and this helps prevent dry frizziness, split ends and breakage.

They also keep your hair looking shiny and help your blowouts last longer.




    • Maintains natural moisture balance in your hair & skin.
    • Prevents hair loss, split ends & damage.
    • Helps your blowouts last longer.
    • Prevents dry, frizzy & dull hair.
    • Keeps hair shiny.
    • Gentler on eyelashes, extensions & braids.
    • Minimizes facial wrinkles & puffiness.
    • Won’t absorb face creams and serums.
    • Soothing on the skin after facial treatments or procedures.
    • Anti-aging.
    • Hypoallergenic.
    • Recommended by doctors for chemo patients.
    • Great for preventing knotty “bed head” for babies & kids.








Dear Deer is PETA approved!

We support beauty without cruelty 100%. We believe that all animals and insects are equal, and we would never exploit that in the name of vanity.

The process involved in making silk is an unethical practice. Silk worms are sensate and produce endorphins along with physical responses to pain. Along with that, in the name of beauty, satin is a much better alternative to silk as polyester doesn’t absorb moisture like natural fabrics do, therefore keeping your skin hydrated and looking great.