Nurture One Satin Pillow Slip

  • R 150.00
  • R 150.00

The smooth surface of satin helps prevent hair loss (know as friction alopecia or pressure alopecia) and knotty “bed head” for babies & kids caused by the friction of baby moving their head while lying and/or sleeping on the rough fibre and weave of fabrics like cotton.

Satin is also known for being anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and uninhabitable to pesky dust mites so great for little ones who have sensitive skin, eczema or skin allergies.

These pillow slip fit perfectly onto the well know Nurture One nesting cushions and also help protect the cushion from inevitable dribble, spills & leaks. They also much easier to wash and satin dries very quickly.

 The zip-lock bag they come packaged in is made from recycled water bottles, and I encourage you to reuse these bags, for make-up, tech cables, meds, stationary, cash slips pretty much anything that needs a cute little storage pouch to then pop into your bag.