Let’s talk satin face masks: your maskne secret weapon

Darlings, welcome to our very first blog! First on the agenda? The dreaded maskne. Weird to think this word wasn’t in our vocab less than two years ago and now, for many, the struggle is real. Whether you’ve always suffered from acne or are suddenly noticing breakouts on your cheeks or chin, masks are just bad, bad news for skin.

The ray of light, though – satin face masks! Proven to be cool, breathable and gentle on skin, our fans adore how luxurious our masks look and feel. But don’t just take our word for it. We chatted to the lovely Joanne from Skin Tonic (also a Dear Deer stockist) to get her expert take on why satin is the way to go for healthier skin.

Dear Deer Satin Mask Collection


First off, why oh why maskne?

“Maskne is a skin condition caused by the heat and friction of wearing a mask for long periods of time. This warm, humid environment – created by us talking, breathing and sweating – creates a hotbed for bacteria to thrive”, explains Joanne. “Acne isn’t the only thing caused or worsened by mask-wearing. Some people also have to deal with dermatitis (eczema), folliculitis (inflamed hair follicles) and rosacea (red flare-ups).” 


6 ways to fight maskne

With a regular routine, you can stay on top of those pesky breakouts. Joanne recommends:

  1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser every morning and evening. 
  2. Apply a moisturiser every morning and evening.
  3. Go easy on the make-up.
  4. Swap your boring mask for something sexy and satin like the pretty ones from Dear Deer. Not only are their face masks cooling and breathable but they reduce friction and unwanted bacteria growth on the skin. Your skin will love you for changing to satin!
  5. Remember to wash your mask daily – luckily these babies dry super quickly.
  6. Remember your mask 101 – change masks daily (even twice a day if possible), wash your hands regularly and try not to touch your face.


Dear Deer Satin Mask and Scrunchie Collection


Why satin helps keep skin healthy

Note we recommend you wear satin face masks, not silk masks. We support beauty without cruelty and we believe the process involved in making silk is an unethical practice. Satin is a polyester material that doesn’t absorb moisture the way natural fibres like cotton do. It’s also:

  • Cool and breathable, reducing humidity from you breathing under your mask.
  • Antibacterial, preventing bacteria from developing within your mask.
  • Hypoallergenic: Won’t cause friction on your face like some disposable or cloth masks.
  • Comfortable with a snug fit: Our Dear Deer masks are made from a super comfy high quality imported stretch satin that has been tried and tested for over 10 years for its durability and comfort.
  • Quick drying: You can wash your satin masks daily and they’ll dry before morning.


Here’s what some of our Dear Deer fans had to say about their satin face masks – also available in kiddy sizes! 

“I am in love with my face mask. The first mask I don't mind wearing all day. So soft on my skin and such amazing quality and the service is superb! Thank you Dear Deer!” - Gabrielle L.


“My satin mask has made a world of difference! It's incredibly light and soft against my face. Doesn't scratch or irritate my skin. Honestly, it feels like I have nothing on my face! Best of all is the dreaded mask acne...  it's gone!” - Britt S.


“My Dear Deer satin mask is literally the best! Before I started using it I would have a rash on my cheeks because of the cotton masks but not any more. All of their satin products are just the best. I literally love everything at Dear Deer.” - Zenande M.


“I bought this satin mask as my previous masks left my sensitive skin feeling dry and scratchy. This mask just glides over my skin – I could wear it all day! - Kate W.


We hope we’ve convinced you that satin face masks are what your skin craves right now! Locally made in four oh-so trendy colours, our masks and mask & scrunchie combos are available to shop online.

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